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The first reasons for an internal slavery of man is his lack of knowledge, and above all, the fact that he does not know himself.

Without getting to know himself, without understanding the operation and functioning of one’s own machine,… more

The road to death

This is the relation of man who experienced clinical death.

The road to death

In 1982 I died of incurable cancer. The condition in which I was in then did now allow for the surgery and every possible chemotherapy would… more

Space Expedition

Movement in astral. – Many people have problems with moving around in the astral. Passing through the room in a right direction may be a serious trouble. It usually results from the fact that we are not acquainted well enough… more

Internal cosmos

Since my childhood I have been observing the world, nature, animals, stars and often the following questions crossed my mind: ‘Is our world really constructed the way the science conveys us, are we absolutely alone in this great universe, and… more

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